Personalization Outbreak

#46: Education Through the Student's Eyes

November 30, 2021 Glenn Llopis Season 2 Episode 46
Personalization Outbreak
#46: Education Through the Student's Eyes
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John Woods is the Chief Academic Officer and Provost for the University of Phoenix and responsible for further developing and fulfilling the university's academic mission. John has amplified the university’s high quality of career relevant academic programs while spurring innovation to help working adults move efficiently from education to career.

Adults in Higher Education: It’s never too late to pursuit a new life trajectory
Education focused on the Individual: The “innovation” needed, especially for the adult learning
Beyond the target of a “better job”: A personalized education focused on Skills development
Student centered education: Looking at the world through the student's eyes
Leading and growing on uncertainty: Which options University of Phoenix chose during the pandemic
From the Industry need to the student need? How to teach based on what students want and need from their teachers and their institutions now!