Personalization Outbreak

#44: Personalizing the Educational System

November 16, 2021 Glenn Llopis Season 2 Episode 44
Personalization Outbreak
#44: Personalizing the Educational System
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In this episode, we interview Dan Durbin who is the Head of school for Beaufort Academy in Beaufort, South Carolina and is a 30-year veteran of education. Dan is an educator ahead of the game - who is not afraid to challenge the overly standardized educational system to address the real issues towards creating personalized educational pathways.

During this podcast interview, we will talk about the importance of redefining and personalizing educational systems for student to experience equality, diversity and inclusion and why the educators must evolve away from old outdated standards that suppress the student’s individuality. 

In fact, this theme was widely discussed during our 2021 Virtual Summit, where we asked students, patients, and employees to explore the ways we can unleash individuality by interrupting our assumptions about WHO belongs WHERE, doing WHAT, and HOW.

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How to redefine the “teach model”: Different ways that we can help young people get to that same spot!
The paradigm of common sense in education: Teaching the difference about “my” truth vs. “the” truth
Disrupting the standardized educational value system: Understanding that “what is right” can be different from “what is correct”
The dangers of standardization in education: How being compromised on an ideal can limit your knowledge and capacity as an educator
Understanding and acceptance of “location”: how we bring foundational wisdom back to education?
The importance of having a common vision and a common language to build equality, diversity, and inclusion in Education
Is it possible to turn around the educational system? A true story of a school’s transformational change by understanding the community needs instead of the standards the school needs