Personalization Outbreak

#3: The Legacy of the New Normal

May 18, 2020 Glenn Llopis Season 1 Episode 3
Personalization Outbreak
#3: The Legacy of the New Normal
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In our third episode, we invited Jim Bastian to share some of the challenges and opportunities this COVID-19 crisis has created to organizational culture, productivity and the practice of law. Jim is a partner in the law firm: Shulman Bastian Friedman & Bui where he heads the Firm’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Areas. Also, Dr. Scott Lacy, Fairfield University Professor explains the anthropological aspect to human adaptation and how this crisis is reinforcing the interdependence of the human race.


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Challenges of the new normal: How do you maintain your organization culture in times of crisis?
Appreciation on a different level: The value of bringing people together outside of the day-to-day practice.
Working remotely: Adapting to provide the tools so people can continue to do their jobs.
Social distancing side effects: Working at home is allowing us to know each other better than ever.
A Narrative Change: Jim Bastian shares some of the silver lining in the practice of law moving forward.
A global approach to crisis: Success comes through interdependence
Litigation at risk: How can we fight when we have to deal with survival?
Junior Achievement Lessons: How crisis is reinforcing human interference.
Hollywood pitch movie: From horror story to uplift Sunday afternoon, what happens next?