Personalization Outbreak

#2: Earning Trust in the Unknown

May 11, 2020 Glenn Llopis Season 1 Episode 2
Personalization Outbreak
#2: Earning Trust in the Unknown
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In our second episode of Personalization Outbreak, we invited the personalization advocate, Jack Cox, to share his knowledge acquired over 25 years in the healthcare segment, including stories about his years of military service at Travis Airforce Base. Jack brought up the importance of building trust during times of chaos – triggering Scott Lacy to take our conversation about trust back to Mali, West Africa with stories about collaborative plant breeding leading to scientific innovation and explain how our cultural DNA can help us respond to crisis.  


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Jack Cox, MD: “If you can't be trusted in the known, how can you be trusted in the unknown?”
How to Build Trust Within a Team: Optimizing contribution requires personalization.
Leveling Leadership: How inclusive collaborative plant breeding lead scientific innovation to create food solutions.
A Greater Level of Inter-Connectedness: Leaders are realizing that there's a greater good that they need to aspire to.
Weight Bearing Structure to Lean On: Coming at this as a team realizing we've got to have each other's backs.
Flight vs Fight: How our cultural DNA offers a third option to respond to crisis.
Crises allow us to discover new talents: Recognize the value of individual contributors to redefine our brand missions.