Personalization Outbreak

#1: Authentic Communication in Time of Crisis

May 01, 2020 Glenn Llopis Season 1 Episode 1
Personalization Outbreak
#1: Authentic Communication in Time of Crisis
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In our first episode, we invited the personalization advocate and speaker coach Dr. Nick Morgan to talk about the responsibility that leadership have in communicating with transparency, the importance of authenticity and the challenges of virtual communication in times of crisis. Nick is the founder of Public Words – a nationally recognized communications consulting organization – and is the author of several books – including the Washington post best seller, Can You Hear Me? How to Connect with People in a Virtual World.


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Sense of Humanity: The importance of authenticity in time of crisis.
A Leadership Responsibility: How studding apocalyptic scenarios is a creative way to embolden our organizations.
Avoiding the traps of standardization: How to talk from a place of real authenticity.
Back to The Essentials: What is the original purpose of your brand and what is the real meaning of your brand?
“Can You Hear Me”? How online communications is working and how it may be accelerated because of this crisis
The Challenges of Audio Based Communication: Human emotion is not carried in a narrow band of the pitch at which people speak.
“We’ve got to talk…” Why does our brain automatically make up negative biased information?
Magnified Voices: Dr. Nick Morgan discusses the unintended byproducts of the age of virtual communication.